Friday, May 4, 2007

Help - My Puppy Chews on Everything!

Puppies are cute, but they are just like human babies - they love to explore everything with their mouths. Since they don't have hands, they usually bite something to find out what it is, and if it feels good, they'll keep biting. It's good excerise, it's fun, and it can be relaxing. Chewing is one of the few things that keeps puppies self-entertained.

But what if your puppy is chewing on things he shouldn't? You'll have to set down the boundaries, and let him know you are serious. It is important to establish your role as the leader of the pack, but when you find your favorite shoe being torn to small bits, you may be tempted to lash out. There is hope, so try a few techniques before you get too annoyed.

Come to the battle armed with lots of chew toys or bones. When you find your puppy chewing on something that is not his or hers, just reach down and take it, and replace it with something your puppy is allowed to chew on. Be persistant, because your puppy sure will! If this means knowing where your puppy is at all times, then that's what it will take. Otherwise, clear out a room, puppy-proof it, and throw down some play toys. Bring whatever you're doing into the room, that way you can spend time with your new friend, as well as get a little work done!